This is a Tumblr dedicated to the beautiful, Eleanor Calder. Who was born July 16th, 1992 and is dating Louis Tomlinson x
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    I’m pretty sure this counts as a reaction, hypocrite.
    No wonder why she isn’t your friend anymore.

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    Fizzy on ask about lottie

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    Lottie and Lou with fans

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    A dog grooming salon tweeted this picture of Bruce in June 2014 x/x

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  • RIP Deleanor (2011-2014)

    @DaniellePeazer: Playing ‘Draw Something’ against @EleanorJCalder whilst sitting opposite her… #sadlife

    @EleanorJCalder: @DaniellePeazer since when do Vikings say ‘grrr’?! Haha xx

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    "I’m dancing on my own//I make the moves up as I go."

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